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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Digital marketing services is a proven platform to reach a higher number of consumers than traditional marketing, specially if you have a website or run an eCommerce business. The number of active internet users is rising and is a little over 4.6 billion according to a survey in 2020. If you are planning to expand globally and want to tap into this user base, then you will need to shift from the expensive and less interactive traditional marketing to cheaper, more interactive and measurable digital marketing.
As a digital marketing agency, we bet it is hard to find a transparent team of experts who are continuously sharing detailed information with their customers. This is what we will bring to the table. Also, we are proud to inform you our team is continuously developing new techniques in market research. We don’t follow the rulebook and traditional format of researching into our clients’ industry but go one step beyond in bringing a creative twist in the work.
Even the top digital marketing agencies cannot answer this question. Services will purely depend on your business category, business objective and timeline. Send us your query at and we will answer your question at free of cost.
Digimdos takes immense pride in its transparent work culture. As a courtesy, we schedule an existing client call to get our performance report on our digital marketing services. We bet, it’s going to be all A’s!
Digital marketing services more often do not require continuous communication, however, if need be we are here to resolve all your queries in English and you can contact us through call, mail, and chat support. As far as reports are concerned, we share a monthly report to keep your mind at ease.
Any digital marketing company will help your business expand globally and grow your customer base in comparison to traditional marketing. Some business owners are still reluctant to accept this idea. They foresee an ocean of risk and unaccounted investment in digital advertising only to lose a large number of customers. Unfortunately, you are not advertising on the media platforms where your targeted audience spends the majority of their time. A piece of friendly advice- If you own a website, e-commerce platform, or thinking about creating one, you should reconsider investing in digital marketing. Guess what, about 68% of consumers in the world still go online to find local products and services!