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Word’s around that PPC is complicated. Yes, we don’t disagree completely! Allow us to introduce you to Pay-per-click campaign management services.

The trick of getting it right is not a child’s play but PPC is a digital marketing weapon that performs far better than any organic ad campaigns and has a higher conversion rate. PPC or Pay-per-click is an advertising model, when implemented, your company will pay a certain amount of money to the hosting platform like Google, each time your ad gets clicked. Your ads will be displayed on platforms like Google ads for better visibility. In case you are wondering how? Then remember the chances of your ad getting displayed depends on the keyword searched by your target customer.

How will our Google Adwords Management services in India benefit your organization?

It is widely noted that PPC online advertising on search engines like Google have a higher return on investment. However, we personally do not advocate that reason.

PPC is instrumental in pushing small and mid-sized businesses in the market and gain brand recognition quickly. PPC is an easier route to penetrate the competition and directly jump into the race. Yes, it comes at a cost! But, as soon as you start generating revenue, you will be able to invest more into your PPC campaign.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race, But Not Online

DIGIMDOS SEO and PPC together- better business results

Our approach to PPC and SEO is a bit different. We may plan to do both for your brand and make you ponder on the pricing factor. So, hear us out.

Well, there is a reason why we push for this and several brands have adopted this practice- incremental growth in website traffic. Both methods aim at improving your website traffic. PPC does it with a paid mechanism while SEO does it organically. And, organic traffic and paid ads appear on the search engine with the same keyword. The trick is simple- cover a larger portion of the search engine result page.

We will frame a similar approach for your brand and show results faster than expected. Our campaign methods prioritise your audience(target market) more than your personal goals. You won’t regret complying with our methods!


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Here’s what you get in our PPC services

We agree on the right timing and remaining relevant practice, yet we do not believe in hasting your project. To improve visibility and generate leads, we will audit your current website, analyze the industry players, research on what works and what does not systematically list down keywords, and finally, plan your Adwords strategy.

And, don’t worry. We won’t leave you halfway. We assess and reassess your website’s outcomes and assist you in maintaining the site- ensuring sustainable growth.


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No denying, fraudulent practices are rampant in digital marketing. But, we really care about our reputation and willing to make money together.

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Time wasted? No, time invested in research is the time taken to give you a customized SEO strategy. Keeps you relevant and trendy too!

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There are no short-term relations in our work. We don’t force you to stay, our services will!

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PPC or Pay-per-click is an advertisement model where the company pays a certain amount of money each time their ad is clicked. As part of the PPC service, DigiMdos will strategize a PPC campaign that will increase your conversion rate.
Advertisers need to participate in an Ad Auction, an automated process driven by search engines. This process considers the validity and relevance of the ad to appear on the search engine results page. Whenever an ad appears on the search engine and a user clicks on it, the advertising company is charged after the click.
PPC or Pay-per-click is an advertisement model where the company pays a certain amount of money each time their ad is clicked.
After you join and set up PPC, users searching for a keyword on a search engine will be able to view your web page on the 1st page( depends on Budget and Bid amount) of the search engine such as Google.
Yes, we do offer a package. We will need you to share your requirement details- like products and services on our information form or send the details on our email ID- info@digimdos.com. We will send the most suitable package for your business within your budget.
You can use this link to get a quote from our consultants. Someone will reach out to you soon and answer all your queries.
You will earn more leads and improved visibility with PPC services.
PPC pr Pay-per-click is an advertising solution, it creates an opportunity to show your ad in the searches on Google. This happens when you bid on the ad and the right target audience is able to view your ad. SEO and PPC help in different ways. Organic SEO is a way to be found on the search engine results page in a while, not immediately. PPC, on the hand shows your ad immediately and can be tweaked as and when needed. So, it is recommended to invest in both. But, SEO is important and you or any company cannot wash their hands off SEO completely.

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