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Why do customers in India and abroad trust our professional SEO services?

Our team of experts joined hands with companies which were at the brink of losing market share because of cheap SEO services and Black Hat practices. Terrified with the dropping search engine ranking and shrinking online traffic, clients turned to us to outsource their SEO services to witness a sharp improvement in their overall traffic, consequently building on leads and revenue. However, the bigger reason why customers appreciate our organic SEO services is because of our emphasis on not spoiling end customer experience by purposely stuffing keywords and unnecessary hyperlinks.

How will our SEO Agency services in India benefit your organization?

Our on-page SEO, off-page SEO and Technical SEO services are carefully executed considering the current pain areas, industry and objective of the clients. We do not believe in jumping guns by skipping the initial research stage and invest time in a long-term SEO strategy to assist you in attaining long-term results without any technical hiccups. KPIs are systematically monitored, reviewed and analysed to rethink your SEO strategy. In India, we do offer highly affordable local SEO services, but we perform a commendable job in optimizing your web pages to attract more traffic and qualified leads. Our consultation methods prioritise your audience( target market) more than what you want. You won’t regret complying to our methods!

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DIGIMDOS SEO Services Resolve Problems, Which Keep You Awake at Night

You are right to assume that many SEO services provider in India and abroad, use unethical SEO practices and do not align with current search engine algorithm updates. Our team promises no sketchy techniques and outdated methods to skyrocket your website rank. You will be amazed at our transparency.

Not to mention, our research team keeps a tab on the constantly changing SEO trends of popular search engine names like Google. Don’t believe us? Work with our team and vet us!


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We agree on the right timing and remaining relevant practice, yet we do not believe in hasting your project. Our approach is very simple and well thought of- Audit your current website, analyze the industry players, research on what works and what does not, systematically list down keywords, and finally, decide on the SEO technique-

  • On-page Optimization- Get a faster and cleaner website.
  • Off-page Optimization- Bring qualified traffic to your website
  • Technical SEO- We take care of your website authority while you take care of your business. Better together!

And, don’t worry we won’t leave you halfway. SEO is not a one-time job. We assess and reassess your website’s outcomes and assist you in maintaining the site- ensuring sustainable growth.


Why Customers Choose Us?

Extra Transparent

No denying, fraudulent practices are rampant in digital marketing. But, we really care about our reputation and willing to make money together.

Strong Research

Time wasted? No, time invested in research is the time taken to give you a customized SEO strategy. Keeps you relevant and trendy too!

Long term relations

There are no short-term relations in our work. We don’t force you to stay, our services will!

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Technically, optimization of your website will rank you higher on a search engine. But the focus is not on ranking. Optimization assures more traffic to your website, which eventually can lead to business conversions like subscription, downloads, etc.
Ofcourse, you or anyone for that matter does not necessarily need SEO. There is no harm in not availing the SEO process. But, taking advantage of SEO service can definitely boost your business with minimum investment. Anyone using SEO has witnessed several benefits like attracting your target audience on the website or ecommerce site, staying ahead of your competitors and much more.
On an average, SEO takes 3-4 months to start showing results. The good news is it grows with time. The result you see in a year will surely take you by surprise.
There is no black and white answer to this, yet with our experience we have seen positive signs in 6 months to 1 year. However, it depends on the SEO strategy competition. Back in the days the competition was less,but with the growing demand for digital marketing, only a few companies may not utilise the advantages of SEO.
As a digital marketing agency, we bet it is hard to find a transparent team of experts who are continuously sharing detailed information with their customers. This is what we bring to the table. Also, we are proud to inform you our team is continuously developing new techniques in market research. We don’t follow the rulebook and traditional format of researching into our clients’ industry but go one step beyond learning and partnering with our current customers to develop industry specific SEO plans.
We do not tie up, and have no intention to tie up with any search engine. The outcomes- ranking and web traffic- incurred as part of SEO services are earned without any tie ups.
We are here to offer-
  • Better Results
  • Improved Profit %
  • Increase in Sales Numbers
  • Higher Leads
  • Organic Authentic Traffic
  • Deep research on keywords and your Industry
  • Increased Visibility
Short and simple- Yes, you need to invest in SEO. PPC pr Pay-per-click is an advertising solution, it creates an opportunity to show your ad in the searches on Google. This happens when you bid on the ad and the right target audience is able to view your ad. SEO and PPC help in different ways. Organic SEO is a way to be found on the search engine results page in a while, not immediately. PPC, on the hand shows your ad immediately and can be tweaked as and when needed. So, it is recommended to invest in both. But, SEO is important and you or any company cannot wash their hands off SEO completely.
No,we cannot make such unrealistic commitments. As mentioned above, SEO is a long-term investment. Some people see results within a month, while others see within a few weeks – there are lots of different factors such as the level of competition, the competitiveness of the keyword, the website's optimization etc. involved in ranking your website.
Search behaviour on Google and other search engines has been changing frequently over the last couple of years. We couple our past knowledge with authentic Keyword research tools like Google Adwords Keyword Planner to decide the Long tail and short tail keywords.
Yes, Smart and strategic SEO will give you the result- but you need to wait patiently.
Social media does not directly impact your SEO ranking.But,indirectly it impacts SEO by improving brand recognition in the online landscape. Social media posts helps in drawing traffic to the website which affects the brand’s authority.

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