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Today’s affordable internet services have scaled the competition for online sellers and offline businesses. It is only through social media platforms that one can easily connect with the right audience and showcase products and services. Apart from that, businesses need a promising platform to stay relevant and communicate with their audience at all times. Our affordable social media marketing services is the perfect way to grow your brand awareness and generate revenue. If you are not on social, you don’t exist!

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Your products and services alone cannot penetrate the market. You, like many other organizations, will need to discreetly understand the choice of the audience and their location. Social media marketing offered by Digimdos leverages various social media platforms to position your products and services to interact with existing and new customers through a fine-tuned ad strategy. In the process, your company can build a brand, promote leaders, and best of all- give birth to a community. Oh, yes, that’s possible!

Improve Social Media Marketing by creating customer experiences, not pushing products

When should businesses exploit Social Media Marketing services?

Every business- in B2C and B2B needs a podium to connect with its audience and keep them up-to-date. Advertisement and marketing are not today’s discovery; they existed in traditional form and created wonders. However, considering the shift to the social media world, where on an average a person spends 3 hours of their day on social media, it is evident to advertise where the audience is. Not only the customer base but the investment is far too less in comparison to a traditional technique and the results are indefinite- qualitatively and quantitatively.


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We agree on the right timing and remaining relevant practice, yet we do not believe in hasting your project. Our approach is straightforward and well thought of- Audit your current social media marketing status, analyze the industry players, analyze your current traffic, research on what works and what does not, narrow down the social media platforms, identify campaigns and based on our analysis and observations, we execute the following services

Social media marketing

Social media optimization

You can exploit our social media marketing expertise in the below mentioned social media platforms-

  • Instagram.
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook

We assess and reassess your social media strategy and outcomes to help you maintain the traffic- to achieve sustainable growth.


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No denying, fraudulent practices are rampant in digital marketing. But, we really care about our reputation and are willing to make money together.

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Our team prioritizes keeping abreast with the latest social media marketing trends to serve nothing but the best for our customers. Check out what’s trending in 2021! (BLOG LINK)

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There are no short-term relations in our work. We don’t force you to stay, our services will!

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Any website or applications that enables online users to network or share content is regarded as social media. Facebook and Linkedin are a few examples of social media.
Social media marketing leverages social media platforms to promote content or information related to a brand. This activity ensures targeted traffic to the website or application, that is in focus. Social media marketing can be used for different purpose in different organizations- most commonly utilised for brand awareness and lead generation.
Social media marketing not only ensures brand promotion to the target audience, but it makes your brand credible and trustworthy. The more active your brand is on social media, the more trust you can build with your audience.
Majorly, social media will help you in improving visibility in front of your target audience- your audience will know that you exist and you can solve a pressing issue that you may have been facing.
Yes, social media is one of the most successful platforms to generate leads.
Currently, our social media expertise lies in the below mentioned platforms:
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
We will handle all aspects of social media on these platforms. Don’t worry, we are growing and will soon be able to handle more!.
Yes, we can design your Facebook and Twitter pages to set the right tone for your brand.
Right content depends on a strategy created in combination with your team. We will have a lot of questions for you about your industry, brand objectives, products, services, message and so on so forth.
Yes, you can approve posts that go on your social media platform. However, we will create a process around it, so that we can meet our content calendar timelines.
Yes, integrate my Facebook and Twitter posts with my website or blog
It is a good practice to invest on social media these days. The more you invest at an early stage the better results you will see while promoting products and service offerings.
You can refer our service information to get a quick understanding of what will be covered under SMM

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